Thursday, 9 January 2014

Meera New Controversial Video Scandal With Captain Naveed (Video Clip)

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Pakistani thespian Meera once more in headlines whereas commenting on her sex video with Captain Naveed, discussing her wedding issue however the question is Why?

Recent drama/act is name “Meera’s Controversy” “Meera’s Scandal” “Meera’s Sex Video” “Meera’s Latest Scandal” “Meera’s Latest  Sex Video” and lots of others however still the question is there, Why?

Many beleive that discussion concerning Meera and Captain Naveed Pervez’s wedding or concerning the couple’s sex tape is that the westage of your time as a result of the new ‘controvrsy queen’ solely desires to become a subject of headlines with the assistance of those stunts.

In Public Relations (PR) world the scandal or controvrsy continues to be ‘working’ as these terms will initiate voice communication that is completed already in Meera-Naveed’s case.

Earlier, Pakistani thespian Meera’s sex video was additionally leaked many days past and looks to be speak the city.

Insiders believe that Meera was behind the leak herself to achieve some attention. The thespian has not been obtaining any major roles and her career looks to be headed south.

The trailer of her forthcoming film Hotal was free on in addition. It looks the video could be a content stunt to own her film gain attention that ironically is additionally known as Hotal.

In the R-rated video Meera is seen within the nude having sex with Captain Naveed Pervez.

In 2012  Meera got engaged to Captain Naveed and it had been declared she was to marry him, however when someday nothing was detected of the wedding. However, since the discharge of this video Naveed’s father free the wedding certificate stating that Meera got married to Naveed Pervaiz in Gregorian calendar month 2013 that Meera denies.

When approached by media, Meera termed the video a “conspiracy” against her, locution it\'s been ready masterfully and also the couple seen within the video wore the “masks” of her and Captain Naveed.

She additionally denies ever meeting Naveed locution he only 1 of her fans.

It’s not the primary time she was concerned in such a scandal. little doubt Meera is currently the official queen of scandals, has left Mathira and Veena leader so much behind.


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