Thursday, 2 July 2015

Face-to-face with a monster: Cage diver's terrific footage provides first-person read of her shut encounter with a four metre-long nice man-eater

An astonishing new video show the fear of returning face-to-face with a four-metre-long nice great white shark.The footage was shot by mountaineer Rae Petroski from big apple UN agency uploaded it on Facebook aboard the caption: 'My very little fun journey whereas shark cage diving in Mossel Bay, African country.'It begins within the metal cage however over the surface of the water, that looks white and foamy - as if one thing is thrashing simply beneath it.The camera moves into the ocean to reveal the big white belly of the good white because it circles mountaineer.
In one sharp movement, it turns towards the cage and thrusts its big snout between the bars - its sable eyes clearly visible. It retreats for a second before clamping its razor-sharp teeth round the rubber artefact that covers the corners of the enclosure. The bars squeak and rattle as if they're close to be ripped apart.
And her friends on the boat higher than is detected screaming frantically even supposing the camera is beneath water.
Hillary, originally from Huntington Seaside, California, momentarily lifts the camera higher than the water to screams of: 'Oh my God!'As she will, the monster diverts its attention - and large jaws - to the other corner of the cage. It eventually tires of not having the ability to succeed in its meal within and swims away. The fearless diver wrote within the video's description on YouTube: 'He chomped through the spherical buoy attacked to the cage and bit off all the liner of the surface of the blue bar barrier.
'The shark was even nearer than he seems... I apologize for the shakiness.'

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