Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pride comes before a fall: A treemendously risky place to be lion around...but they are sleeping like logs

They are among the foremost dangerous animals within the world, thus it should certainly are a dread foe that semiconductor diode a complete pride of lions into scampering up a tree.However it wasn’t a herd of stampeding wildebeests that caused them to require cowl – a lot of a swarm of vexing flies.
These outstanding photos of the lions, a number of that area unit alert precariously within the branches, were taken by Australian artist Bobby-Jo Clow, United Nations agency stumbled across them whereas leading a expedition within the central Serengeti in Tanzania.

Miss Clow, 32, said: ‘Our guide noticed the pride within the trees and fortuitously we tend to were ready to get shut enough to the lions to make some distinctive pictures. we tend to we tend tore shut enough that we might hear their vocal interaction and conjointly hear a number of them snoring within the tree.
‘It was a fantastic sight and was terribly funny from time to time because the lions appeared rather clumsy whereas moving and positioning themselves.
‘Our guide told U.S. that attributable to the recent rains, the grass was quite long which lions climb trees to flee the insects that thrive there.’

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