Sunday, 5 July 2015

Video big of big python ingestion giant bat is each superb and shuddery

We ne'er thought we have a tendency to may feel sympathy for crackers (AKA flying rats) however it’s truly pretty simple to once you see them being consumed by a snake.
Tears may even be shed for Kim Jong-un if he was fast within the jaws of this three-metre rug python. Probably.A video showed the large snake gulping up the bat, with the flying animal’s wings shown protruding of the serpent’s mouth.

The grotesque clip was recorded by Mille Stoevring and fellow Shane Tuer once they interrupted the python’s lunch in their back garden in Queensland, Australia.
‘We were there cinematography concerning twenty centimetres away, the snake wasn’t discomposed in any respect,’ Ms Stoevring told Sunshine Coast Daily.

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