Sunday, 5 July 2015

Video:Malia Obama is Interning With Lena Dunham

Perpetually angry conservatives, hold on to your foil hats: Malia Obama, female offspring of Barack, is interning with river Dunham, creator of the promiscuously liberal show women, that has been corrupting our youth for four seasons. in line with the foundation, Malia, World Health Organization turns seventeen nowadays (on America’s celebration!), has been viewed on the the show's Williamsburg set “delivering low for the forged and crew and serving to block the general public from coming into scenes throughout shoots,”
that is maybe lots easier once you are flanked by armed United States intelligence agency agents. the primary female offspring antecedently worked as a production assistant for metropolis Berry’s CBS show existing, and aspires to become a producer, in line with her mother, World Health Organization delineate Malia as a moving picture lover and voracious audience just like the woman's daddy

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