Thursday, 25 August 2016

About Christmas and Chrismon Patterns And More

Christmas and Chrismon Patterns

Chrismons square measure Christmas decorations with Christian symbols on them. they assist Christians to recollect that Christmas is that the celebration of Jesus's birthday. they're usually used on Christmas Trees in Churches and Christians homes.

They were initial created by Frances Kipps sociologist at the Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia, USA. She additionally thought of the word, Chrismon, that could be a combination of Christ and symbol (meaning symbol). 

the thought quickly unfold to alternative churches. it's ancient that Christian teams will create their own Chrismons with their favorite symbols on.


Christmas Tree 

Each year a 20ft (6 metre) Christmas Tree is adorned within the Ascension Lutheran Church, as Mrs sociologist meant, and guests return and therefore the hear the story of Logos explained through her original Chrismons and a couple of gifts from round the world.
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