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About The Christmas Cards And More


Christmas Cards

the custom of sending christmas cards became started out in the uk in 1843 by means of sir henry cole. he become a civil servant (authorities worker) who had helped set-up the brand new 'public document office' (now known as the put up workplace), where he became an assistant keeper, and wondered how it can be used greater by way of everyday humans.

Christmas Playing Cards

sir henry had the idea of christmas playing cards together with his pal john horsley, who become an artist. they designed the first card and offered them for 1 shilling each. (this is best 5p or 8 cents today(!), but in those days it turned into well worth tons a great deal more.)

the card had 3 panels. the outer  panels confirmed human beings worrying for the bad and inside the centre panel turned into a circle of relatives having a massive christmas dinner! a few humans failed to just like the card because it confirmed a toddler being given a pitcher of wine! approximately 1000 (or it might were much less!) were printed and offered. they're now very uncommon and price hundreds of kilos or greenbacks to buy now!

the primary postal provider that normal human beings could use become began in 1840 while the primary 'penny publish' public postal deliveries began (sit henry cole helped to introduce the penny publish). 

Wealthy People

before that, best very wealthy people could manage to pay for to ship something inside the submit. the new publish workplace became able to provide a penny stamp because new railways had been being built. those ought to convey an awful lot more put up than the horse and carriage that had been used before. also, trains ought to go a lot quicker cards became even more famous within the united kingdom once they will be posted in an unsealed envelope for one halfpenny - 1/2 the charge of an ordinary letter.
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